Saturday, May 19, 2012

Memehir GIRMA Miracles NEW_PART 17

This is the newest release of miracleVCDs by memehir Girma. This video emphasizes on exorcism of people having higher ranks in societal level and this denounces common myths such as associating the devil with poor or low rank and uneducated people even up to denying its existence. Memehir Girma clarifies how spirits use rank, knowledge and power to the ultimate common goal of destruction and fruitlessness of the many that a person with those attributes influences. This is illustrated strongly with the exorcism of university lecturer and a nurse. His eye sight has also became normal. This is also seen on the exorcism of another person. The lecturer also gives a testimony one year after his exorcism demonstrating further the reality the miracles.

You also see a person whose exorcism is seen in Part 13 , giving his drawing of a picture of Saint Micheal worth 5000birr to the church.( A sound proof that Memehirs´ healings are real)

Don't miss the 5 part interview with memehir girma as he gives a lot of important lectures for growth in spiritual life.