Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Memihir Girma Miracles: Nequ part 14:The story of Fikrte Tibebu

This is the true story of Fikerte Tibebu, who has been blind for 19yrs. She is law graduate of Addis Ababa University and serving as a Legal Expert in Ethiopia's Human Right Commission . She was healed by the true power of the holy water by memehir Girma Wondimu in Estifanos Church, Addis Ababa. The news was captured in local( FM Sheger and newsprints) and international media ( Deutsche Welle-German Radio). This story is taken from part 14

DONOT miss the 3hr interview of  Memehir Girma with Abyssinia Radio as he explains everything and give his mobile address and when and how to CONTACT him.


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By Anko Zuta,Blogger of De Birhan Blogspot

A graduate of the Addis Abeba University Law School ,Fikerte Tibebu, has been healed from blindness after being baptised with Holy Water in St. Stephen's Church of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church ,Addis Abeba , Ethiopia. Fikerte was blinded some 19 years ago when she was a 7th grade student . Before joining Ethiopia's Human Right Commission as a Legal Expert, she worked at different departments of the Addis Abeba City Administration.
Many couldn't beleive their eyes when they noticed the lady they knew for many years writing with a braille and walking with a stick, suddenly running.

The above videos supported with an audio News reporting from the Addis Abeba based private FM Radio,Sheger 102.1 and live scene of the the baptism and ''exorcism'' explains that she has been blind for almost two decades and able to see after being baptised in St. Stephen's Church of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church ,Addis Abeba , Ethiopia.

This is a miracle! It has been also proved by the modern world science .

Her last message to the Radio audience and people at large was unifingly principled "May the Creator visit all those people who are worried like me , according to their own faiths/religions! "

When i was at home , I have been able to see first hand similar types of religious miracles in Entonto St.Mary Church, one of the oldest churches in north of Addis Abeba , built by King Menelik II and his wife Empress Tayetu a century and half ago.

Since coming to Europe I have been hearing of similar miracles happening in St. Stephen Church in the middle of Addis Abeba.

The head preacher and baptiser ,now ''Priest'' according to sources, Girma Wondimu , also on the above video has been the person religiously helping the process of healing and cure in St. Stephen Church . There are around two dozens of video CDs produced so far showing the types,means,and ways of healing by the same Priest exorcist . All these miraculous healing are done according to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church's ways and practices .
It was part of my plan to interview Priest Girma Wondimu in the past few months ,tough. I promise to interview him as soon as possible and produce a good report.

Until then ,I leave you with an article I wrote some five years ago about some of the amazing miracles i witnessed in the Entonto St. Mary Church. 
I had witnessed and heard of testimonies of people cured from various diseases such as HIV/AIDS,Cancer and so on and also people were able to be healed from complete blindness,and other disabilities in the Church of Entoto St.Mary .